We have been operating successfully on the Swedish market for more than 20 years It makes us especially proud that we in spite of hard competition become the market leader in this field. We are today well known by the suppliers and producers of Swedish automotive industry. Our customers are spread around the world. EUP available today in Gothenburg and Skovde but we carry out assignment in most automotive plants in Sweden.

Business concept

EUP's business concept is to provide partnership solutions designed to support each and every customer. We are the local specialist in the automotive field and offer quality inspections, completion of subassemblies, resident engineering, storage and staffing.

Our aim is to provide service in all situations. Eup offers a diverse range of services and we ensures that the customer always receives maximum value in terms of quality, service and price.

Kärrlyckegatan 24 B
418 78 Gothenburg
Tel +46 31 535560

EUP Industriservice AB
Kärrlyckegatan 24 B
418 78 Gothenburg
Tel +46 500 274570

Work for us

Currently we are looking for more employees for various types of production work in the automotive industry, to our unit in Gothenburg.

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