Our tool is a knowledgeable
and skilled staff team

EUP performs quality control out of components and equipment in the shape of inspection, sorting, measuring, testing, repacking, etc.

We rework if necessary and make sure that deliveries can be further processed without problems. We also offer to act as your local resident engineer and visit the plant to prevent failures and avoidable PPM. All our work is documented and we support you with daily updates so that you easily can follow the work and what's been done.

All work is done according to ISO 9001:2008. Since our employees are accustomed to handle new situations and new assignments we don't have to spend time waiting for instructions or serching for the local contact. As a result of many years of experience with varius production plants, we are familiar with most of the people we need to contact and we have our own pass to enter without signing in.

We are ready to support you 24 hours a day, and quality is what we do every day.